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What if People Who Actually Believed in Complete Equality Ruled the World?




What if progressives, pacifists, anti-fascists, and women who actually believed in complete equality ruled the world?

Governments around the world are failures. None are perfect, but some are far better than others. The worst, the most corrupt, belong to the most powerful: China, Russia, and the United States.

There has never been a doubt that power is an aphrodisiac, and enormous wealth is necessary to achieve this level of mental illness.

The history of the world is filled with violence and depravity. Yet, the forces of good and evil continue to battle and shape the future of 7.9 billion men, women, and children.


Courtesy of ICAN (Flickr CC0)

When American President Harry Truman approved the use of nuclear weapons against civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he proved once and for all that old, white men who are given limitless power are a danger to the future of the third planet from the Sun, and most likely the entire solar system.

The existence of all life on planet Earth can be decided by pushing a few buttons in the most secret locations on the planet. Not a single progressive, pacifist, anti-fascist, or woman would have ordered the slaughter of several hundred thousand innocent men, women, and children.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and 18 oligarchs have complete control of more than 144 million people. Although Russia has a form of parliament, called a “Federal Assembly,” they are nothing more than a façade.

Putin does not allow dissidents: he has them murdered. Although he is considered the richest man in the world by many, millions of his nation’s people must grow their own food to survive in rural areas.

The Russian president had the same goal he had when he was a high-ranking officer in the KGB: destroy the United States of America. He nearly accomplished that goal when he conspired with Trump in 2016, helping him win the Electoral College.

China has the largest population in the world: 1,447,963,300. Leaders of the People’s Republic of China eliminate anyone who demands simple human rights.

Before 1980, the State had a strict policy of one child per family. After 1980, it was modified, and today parents in rural China are allowed to have two children, but only if the first is a daughter.

The United States has 788 billionaires. Only China has a more considerable number, over 1,100. However, like the United States, there is a massive gap between the super-wealthy and the working class.

Unlike these leaders of the three superpowers, people should come first in all situations. Therefore, it is too much to ask that all three nations, ruled by a plutocracy, should establish policies requiring the super-rich to ensure that the quality of life for all people rise to a level that eliminates hunger, provides free healthcare, free education, and erases worry about the very survival of their families.


Courtesy of Mike McBey (Flickr CC0)

It is a fact that dictators rule Russia and China. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand that the United States is nearing a dictatorship. One political party chooses not to serve the people who elected them; they rule over them.

The transition began in 1981 and was exposed during the Trump administration. Republicans are on a quest to eliminate democracy and replace the Constitution with a fascist regime. This is the only way to protect the continued existence of a plutocracy.

Recently, the right-wing took another step to end democracy in America by defeating the Right to Vote Act. Democrats and Independents generally win free and fair elections. This is a historical fact.

However, by beating a bill which would have protected the First Amendment rights of all Americans, combined with more than 400 state laws intended to suppress the voting rights of the poor and all minorities, members of the once Grand Old Party proved once and for all that they plan to destroy democracy in the United States.

The American voter could be blamed. Their poor choices have allowed old white men to destroy the dreams of the majority. From Washington to Trump, U.S. leaders have shown a penchant for war. Forty-five presidents have focused on the profits of the wealthy, not the lives of the majority.

President Joe Biden is attempting to change this fact. Still, he faces not only “the party of no,” fake news networks like Fox are lying about his agenda and creating conspiracy theories to brainwash their viewers.

The solution? Stop watching television for “everything you need to know,” and learn the facts about the men and women who want votes. Then, VOTE!

“The truth lives here.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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