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Adobe Photoshop Coming to Browsers Soon




Adobe Photoshop will soon be free for everyone. The software company hopes to replicate the same success with the browser version as it has with its Creative Cloud App. A trial run of the website version is available in Canada, which will allow the company’s programmers to review the site’s logistics before its public release.

Last October, the website version of the photo editing app was launched for subscribers to use as a collaborative tool. As long a user is signed up for a free Adobe account, they can access Photoshop’s tools on their browser.

The website launch has the potential to get more subscribers. Photoshop will be a great way to get people to do just that. The site also offers some new things that the app does not have.

New Features on Photoshop Browser


Courtesy of Azri (Flickr CC0)

Adobe added new tools, such as redefining edges, curves, dodge and burn, and a Smart Object conversion. These features are something that subscribers believe should already be part of Adobe Photoshop.

The expansion could lead to partnerships with other companies to convert it to an easier tool to use on the internet.

The subscriptions are different. The free browser version in Canada is under the term “Freemium.” This experience comes with unique features. Those components only on the Photoshop app will be available through an upgrade.

When speaking about the push to update the app to a web browser, the Vice President of Digital Imaging at Adobe, Maria Yap, said: “I want to see Photoshop reach where users are now. You don’t need a high end technology in order to use the photoshop.”

Photoshop Web Version Availability

Adobe offering Photoshop for free could be revolutionary, not just for the brand but for the world as a whole. Being able to share and use Photoshop will help continued growth in the world of technology. The company continues to give the subscribers more things they need or want. The management’s focus is on how Adobe can be improved. Users have requested a Photoshop web version for years.

Adobe has not disclosed when they will make the browser-compatible version available to everyone. However, this is something that they are trying out, hoping there is enough consumer interest to create a smooth transition between the app and the browser.

Written by Semetrius Holmes
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Wendy Cope’s Flickr Page Creative Commons

Inset Image Courtesy of Azri’s Flickr Page Creative Commons

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