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‘Animal Kingdom’ Explosive 6th and Final Season of Revenge and Betrayal [Video]



Animal Kingdom

The Codys return in the sixth and final “Animal Kingdom” season with 13 explosive episodes. This season, Oceanside’s most powerful crime family’s reign of terror and police collide as its origin story unfolds. Season 6 premieres on Sunday, June 19, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT with the first two episodes: “1992” and “Rise.”

Animal Kingdom

Courtesy of Greg2600 (Wikimedia CC0)

TNT’s announcement reveals that the boys — Pope, Craig, Deran, and ‘J’ — and law enforcement will continue to uncover Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody’s past. Audiences will witness Smurf’s narcissism in action as the boys deal with their personal demons and interpersonal inadequacies.

In last season’s final episode, “Launch,” the police uncover evidence of a crime committed in the first season of “Animal Kingdom.” The police reopen Catherine Blackwell’s missing person’s case after the discovery of her remains.

As the murder investigation unfolds in Season 6, the audience might learn the truth about why she died. Until now, fans only have snippets of Smurf’s manipulative actions that ended in murder.

Catherine was married to Baz, one of Smurf’s “boys.” Smurf feigned grief over her disappearance. Unfortunately, Baz’s death came by the very hands that ended his wife’s life, his adopted brother, Pope.

Always the matriarch, Smurf ruled over her boys but it was Pope’s life she micromanaged the most. While she tried to reign in his anger and mental instability, she failed. Smurf also failed to help Pope deal with his twin sister’s death. Moreover, she orchestrated Catherine’s murder.

‘Animal Kingdom’ Main Cast

  • Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody: S4-6, Leila George plays a young adult Janine. In S1-4, the family matriarch was played by Ellen Barkin until the character’s death.
  • Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody: S1-6, Shawn Hatosy, and Kevin Csolak as young adult Andrew in S6. Pope is Smurf’s oldest son and Julia’s twin.
  • Julia Cody: S6, Jasper Polish as a young adult. Julia is Smurf’s only daughter, she is Pope’s twin, and J’s mother.
  • Craig Cody: S1-6, Ben Robson. Craig is Smurf’s second son.
  • Deran Cody: S1-6, Jake Weary and Cyrus Blomberg as young Deran in S6. Deran is Smurf’s youngest.
  • Joshua ‘J’ Cody: S1-6, Finn Cole. ‘J’ is Julia’s son and Smurf’s oldest grandson.
  • Renn Randall: S1-6, Christina Ochoa. Renn and Deran’s baby was born in S5.

As “Animal Kingdom’s” final season unfolds, nail-biting suspense will likely keep fans on edge while watching the Cody empire implode.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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