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Is the Mainstream Media Working for Trump, and if So, Why?




During the very long four years, Donald Trump pretended to be your president, it was rare to read criticism about the orange bully’s constant lies, his vicious and sometimes hilarious personal attacks against his detractors, or his open support of white supremacy and fascism. From June 15, 2015, and continuing today, the mainstream media covers Trump far more frequently than anyone else in the world. It appears that they work for him.

Not once was Trump corrected when he bragged about successes that were actually the accomplishments of President Obama. There was no doubt that Trump was the worst public speaker in history, but this was never discussed on television or in the press. If President Biden misspeaks once in a speech, the media rushes to criticize him.

My point is simple. “The truth lives here,” and President Biden’s approval ratings are moving in the wrong direction, not because he is not a “working” president, but because the mainstream media refuses to support his agenda for all Americans.

Trump’s “work” schedule was between 11:30 in the morning and three in the afternoon when he was in the White House. The majority of his four long years in office were spent at his millionaire’s only resort, Mar-a-Lago, golfing, holding hate rallies, and watching television, all at taxpayer expense.

President Biden is a working leader. In one of my attached articles, you will see that Mr. Biden accomplishes more in one day than Trump did in four years. Most importantly, Biden’s agenda is filled with issues that will benefit all Americans. Trump enabled the continuation of today’s plutocracy while ignoring the needs and wishes of the majority.

Not one American with average intelligence could believe that Trump would have organized a vaccination plan as quickly and efficiently as President Biden. Trump is a failed businessman without a single legitimate accomplishment in his nearly 76 years. Trump would never have approved the distribution of tax dollars to aid our nation’s people during the pandemic. Trump would have given that money to the wealthy enabling them to purchase another mansion or maybe an island.

Is the mainstream media reporting any of these facts? Hell no.


Courtesy of El Sun (Pixabay CC0)

Why is the media working for Trump and his fascist party? Once again, the answer is simple. The television personalities on broadcast “news” are part of our nation’s 23.2 million millionaires. Some of their bosses are counted in the 788 billionaires who own today’s Republican Party in name only.

Most importantly, sensationalism captures the attention of viewers and therefore increases revenue through advertising dollars. America is a business first. Income inequality is a growing and serious problem which is encouraged by the failure of the once-respected fourth estate.

Trump is a buffoon, and buffoons are the media’s favorite people. The news which is based on facts and of importance to all Americans is of little concern for the wealthy in the 21st century.

Part of the reason President Biden’s ratings are low is that he is boring. Men and women who work all day, attempting to right the wrongs of their predecessors, are far from “exciting,” or newsworthy.

On November 9, 2016, I promised myself to never watch television “news” again. Half-truths and innuendos are far more damaging than blatant lies. Refusing to ask the “tough questions” and demand answers allowed voters to be misled during the 2016 campaign. I have kept this promise.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Олег Усачёв Pixabay Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of El Sun’s Pixabay Page – Creative Commons License

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