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Thuggish Cody Clan Returns for Season 5 of ‘Animal Kingdom [Video]



animal kingdom

It is official the Cody clan is returning, and the guys are at odds over who will succeed grandmoll Smurf. TNT will air episode 1 of “Animal Kingdom” on July 11, 2021, at 9/8 CT. The rivalry between Pope, Deran, Craig, and J. intensifies the hit TV program’s 5th and final season.

In the trailer dropped in May, J. Cole Finn declared he was in charge, but Pope, Shawn Hatosy, says he will run the “family business.” While Craig, Ben Robson, and Daren, Jake Weary, are also asserting themselves, they are less likely candidates to replace Smurf, Ellen Barkin.

Charlayne Woodard plays Pamela, the woman who helped 29-year-old Smurf after escaping the twins’ (Pope and Julie) abusive uncle’s compound. Pamela is heir to the bulk of Janine’s ill-gotten gains. Her character increases the chaos brought by Smurf’s demise.

animal kingdomThe Cody boys always seem at odds unless they are “pulling a job.” With the matriarch out of the way, the boys of “Animal Kingdom” will entertain as the Cody boys struggle to maintain their fragile alliance while dealing with their respective fathers and trying to uncover exactly who Pamela.

Details are light when it comes to scenes with a younger Smurf, played by Leila George. However, the flashbacks of her evolution as a master thief from Season 4 gave fans numerous aha moments. In addition, watching her character’s development offered more insight into the “Animal Kingdom” crew.

As usual, there will be new faces like the San Diego detective Louise Thompson, Moran Atias. Her investigation tackles cold cases against the Codys. But, unfortunately, the detective is as unscrupulous as J. and his uncles. TNT reveals:

[Her] relentless pursuit of killers is driven by a dark, complicated, and twisted history that comes from her trying to outrun her own trauma.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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