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Real Republicans and Media Must Remove Donald Trump From Our Lives




I am Begging All Real Republicans and the Media: Remove Donald Trump from Your Lives and Ours.

I am positive I am not alone. Seeing Trump’s name in the press or hearing about him on television is revolting. He has nothing new or intelligent to say. He should be in our past, never in our future. Regardless of your politics, it takes only a little common sense and a cursory knowledge of America between 2017 and 2021 to realize that nothing was accomplished for 331 million Americans during those four years. Whenever Trump or his supporters stood before the television cameras, all we heard were attacks on his millions of enemies and lies about his failures, and attacks on our country’s democracy. Never was a positive word uttered from the malignant narcissist.

I want him to disappear. He is irrelevant and a lifelong failure. His chosen incompetence, pretending to be your president, must not be repeated. Trump caused more damage to our nation’s future in four years than anyone thought possible.

Trump displayed a lack of quality education and basic intellect repeatedly. He knows nothing about science and therefore became a science denier. His influence over weak-minded Americans caused damage to our nation’s future which will last for decades.

Adam Kinzinger, one of only two Republicans on the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, believes that Trump’s support is declining.

“This doesn’t appear to be having, you know, a ton of impact. Maybe people are shifting more towards a potential for, I don’t know, a Ron DeSantis. Trumpism isn’t dying, even though Trump is becoming irrelevant,” Kinzinger stated. “I am hearing a lot of anecdotal stuff, around the edges, of people who’ve been hard core with Trump who now just can’t stand him.”

“I think, though, long term, Jonathan, in like five years, I still believe it’s going to be hard to find someone that will ever admit they were ever a Trump supporter and I think this is where this impact comes, in future history.”


Courtesy of US House of Representatives (Wikimedia PDM)

I pray that Kinzinger is right. Trump is the most boring, inarticulate, and just plain ignorant fake politician worldwide. He continues to live in the past, denying his huge loss in November 2020 and ignoring his failure to lead our nation in its time of need during the pandemic.

Trump and I are the same age, but I am more qualified than the old, orange man to be America’s president. I understand what governing a nation of 331 million people is all about. I believe in the importance of the Constitution, and I know that it was created to represent all Americans, not just a few.

However, I would never consider running for any political office; I’m too old and out of touch with the majority of our nation’s young population. No man or woman in their 70s should be our choice to lead America into the future. Trump will be nearly 80 in 2024, and Joe Biden will be 82 just after election day. An octogenarian leading this young country is a terrible idea.

President Biden has accomplished great things in just 20 months. When Trump left the White House kicking and screaming, he failed to have even the beginnings of a plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in place. Biden’s administration did an excellent job, although Trump’s MAGA Republicans and Fox News’ fake journalist attempted to derail efforts to have every American vaccinated.

He passed the first infrastructure bill in decades, and just days ago, he signed the most important bill to address the dangers of climate change in history. No one can name a single success during Trump’s four years that was his own. He was far too busy chasing a little white ball through the grass, partying with old, white billionaires and millionaires at Mar-a-Lago, soothing his fragile ego by holding numerous hate rallies, and watching Fox News.

There is no reason to give him time in front of the cameras. He has nothing to offer the people of our nation. When questioned, he will always lie, and his voice and appearance are irritating at best.

The media would be better using their time to focus on people who are attempting to create positive change and move our nation forwards, not into its dark past.

By James Turnage, Novelist


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Featured and Top Image by Tia Dufour Courtesy of Trump White House Archived’s Flickr Page – Public Domain License
Inset Image by US House of Representatives Courtesy of Wikimedia – Public Domain License

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