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Donald Trump Has No Money He Is Only Good at ‘Using Other People’s Money’




A note to Donald Trump donors: your demagogue has no money, he is merely good at “using other people’s money.” Multiple articles contain questions about Trump’s campaign contributions. There has never been a clear answer about what happened to most of the $107 million donated to his inauguration.

Only a few million dollars were needed for the smallest event of its type in modern history. Organizers offered unsubstantiated claims as to where the majority of the funds were distributed. Allegations continue that most of the donations are deposited directly into Trump’s personal accounts. This fits with his admission during the 2016 campaign that he “loves using other people’s money.”

Trump’s Super PAC is losing money. He continues to waste millions of dollars in lawyer’s fees attempting to accomplish the impossible; overturn our democratic election legally.

Trump’s misnamed, “Save America PAC,” has raised an extraordinary amount of money intended for the midterm elections. Its purpose is to retake control of the House and Senate. However, only a minimal amount of those funds have reached the war chests of Republican candidates. Most of the donations remain in the control of the miserly, dare I say cheap, old, obese white man. He needs this money to fund his ego soothing hate rallies while pretending to live the life of a real billionaire.

This brings to question Trump’s intentions for 2024. Is he planning to run for election? If not, what are his plans for the millions of dollars he would be stealing from donors?


Courtesy of SK (Pixabay CC0)

Once again, I claim that Trump is physically and mentally unfit to conduct an effective campaign. He can barely walk and his ramblings are a clear sign of early dementia. Trump needs the attention and the power. As a malignant narcissist, his ego needs constant attention. This part of the campaign is all he cares about. I don’t believe that he wants to pretend to be your president for another four years. He is an old man in poor health. Other than his disgusting hate-filled rallies, he cares only about playing golf and playing with real millionaires and billionaires at Mar-a-Lago.

He undoubtedly believes that all donations are intended for him to use in any manner he wishes. The fact that he is above the law was proven in the senate. Moscow Mitch refused to hold a fair trial for the traitor twice. He literally got away with two felonies, one of which was an effort to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

Trump will do anything for money, and to receive praise from his ignorant supporters. Both of these facts add up to his being our nation’s biggest con man. Anyone who trusts in anything he has to say is a fool. Not once in his life has he been honest about anything. Trump is an illusion. From his hair to the words coming from his mouth, nothing is real.

Trump founded the “Save America Foundation” in November of 2020. Records show that only 11 percent, 14 million of the 124 million dollars raised has been spent on his rallies and television ads. If he is using these funds for personal use, including his choice to file multiple lawsuits related to the election, this is fraud. Just another felony committed in a life of crime.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of SK’s Pixabay Page – Creative Commons License

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