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Trump Continues to Inflame Followers’ Anger With Reinstatement Rhetoric [Video]




Do not believe anyone who says former President Donald Trump’s base is fickle — they are not. Evidence of this was on display at last weekend’s QAnon rally. In addition to speakers promoting martial law and civil war, Sidney Powell’s claim that Trump could be reinstated blew up the internet. As of June 5, 2021, the implausible statement seems to have taken hold as Trump is reportedly on board.

He is telling people he will be recognized as “the true president” and expects to be in the Oval Office this August. Trump believes this will happen because his victory will be revealed once the 2020 General Election audits are finished in Arizona.

His fans believe his lies — at least 60 percent of self-identified Republicans think there was a problem with the election — they want answers.

Unfortunately, the answer they want to hear is, yes, the election was stolen and Trump won. If he says he will be president again, it is not surprising the Trumpsters believe him. Even though his timeline for retaking the presidency has changed several times, his supporters have never given up, as anyone can see on social media.

One example of this is a drawing depicting Trump’s triumphant return; he and Melania are in a souped-up 4-by-4 pickup truck. Trump is driving the stars-and-stripes-emblazoned vehicle while sporting two American flags waving from the truck’s backend. The hood ornament is a screaming American Eagle, and he has run over a snake. “I can’t wait until Trump is back” or similar sentiment frequently accompanies the image.

TrumpSome might wonder why this cult-like behavior is cause for concern. Well, for one, when articles posted on Guardian Liberty Voice and other news sites warned of a “storm brewing” surrounding the January 6th certification, they were dismissed. The far-right opposition called mainstream media fear mongers who should be writing propaganda for Russia. Those leaning more toward moderate-right shrugged the threat away.

On that day, 01-06-21, Trump supporters rallied for the vote to be overturned; the president’s lawyers, Don Jr., and his girlfriend joined in to further rile up an already anxious crowd. The president himself spoke about strongly demanding the electoral votes not be certified. They did as their Commander in Chief told them, and five people died in connection with the failed insurrection.

In the aftermath, repairs to the Capitol Building, Congressional chambers, and legislators’ offices had to be paid for by American tax dollars. Also, at the expense of the public, the FBI and state police departments around the country have rounded up and charged over 400 individuals who supported Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen. Additionally, the National Guard patrolled the Capitol grounds for months.

TrumpThere is talk of a civil war, of the supposed Big Storm. If Trump followers think the never-Trumpers will not fight back against the brain-washed masses that threaten this great Democracy, they need to think again. Americans have been buying guns and ammo in record numbers for over a year now.

In 2020, the FBI reports it processed 39.7 million firearm background checks, which surpassed previous highs by more than 10 million. While background checks do not always reflect actual sales and less-than-legal purchases are made without the checks, the number offers some insight into the quantity of Americans concerned for their safety.

Again, the former-President lost the general election to President Joesph Biden. Trump’s rhetoric surrounding the Big Lie and his reinstatement as the “real president” is dangerous. His language inflames not only his loyal followers but those who feel the bile rise in the back of their throats when he spouts his lies. A review of fallen government suggests threats against democracy will not come from a foreign entity but from within.

Americans should not idly stand by and watch the country fall into the hands of authoritarian leaders who disregard its citizenry. An armed civil war is not the solution and neither is ignoring the problem in hopes it will go away.

Trump will not concede, he will keep spewing his fabrications to whoever is within hearing range. When he begins speaking at rallies for the 2022 midterm elections he will likely add some hateful comments against his foes, falsely prop up sycophants, and elude using force, if necessary.

Opinion by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Featured and Top Image by Bill Ingalls Courtesy of NASA HQ Photo’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
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Cathy Milne-Ware is a seasoned writer and editor. Her background: Journalism for online and print newspapers, new website content from the about page to blog posts, newsletters, book reviews, and social media content. She enjoys writing Health, Entertainment, and Political news stories.

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