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Lindsey Graham’s Treasonous Support of Trump Has John McCain Rolling Over in His Grave




One of Trump’s most devoted supporters over the last six years has been Senator Lindsey Graham, (R-SC). Prior to winning the November 8, 2016, Electoral College vote, Graham constantly attacked the orange buffoon for his many failures, his lack of morals, and the fact that he continues to know nothing about our nation’s government.

After Graham’s best friend, John McCain, lost his battle with cancer in 2018, he abandoned his principle and self-respect and started worshiping the worst president in history. I once respected Graham, although I seldom agreed with his position on most issues. However, his support of Trump’s biggest lie, fraud in the 2020 election, disgusts me beyond belief.

“The truth lives here,” and any man or woman who allows themselves to be associated with Trump is a traitor to you, me, and the United States of America. It is an undeniable fact that a sitting president organized and ordered a coup attempt on January 6, 2021. No one else would have dared to take such a moronic action to save himself from disgrace. The three rules of a legal investigation involve motive, opportunity, and intent. Trump is the only individual who fits these criteria.


Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Graham’s ass-kissing will obviously be for naught. After information arose that Graham was one of several Republicans who investigated the possibility of removing Trump from office after the January 6 insurrection by invoking the 25th Amendment, Trump turned on his supporter, as he has dozens of others from Jeff Sessions to Michael Cohen. Trump recently referred to Graham as a “progressive Republican.” This was an attack on any would-be Republican who dares not be a far-right extremist. Trump will attack you if you are not a supporter of his fascist intentions for America’s dark and terminal future.

Just a few years ago, there were a handful of Republicans I believed would change the dangerous direction of the once Grand Old Party. Unfortunately, they have all abandoned any sense of morality or intention to do the right thing for their country. They remain loyal to their party and have discarded their oath of office, refusing to serve the people of their state and all of our nation’s people. Their loyalty is to a confirmed criminal, and a party that can only be called “the American Fascist Party” today.

After Trump was impeached twice by the House, Graham stood beside Moscow Mitch McConnell and promised that their Fuhrer would be acquitted. They accomplished this by refusing to allow any new evidence or the testimony of witnesses at both trials. There was never a fair trial, and Trump was never convicted for what was obvious and undeniable acts of treason.

Let us step back a moment and look at the overall picture of what is happening in America today.

Unfortunately for our nation, not a single word from the Trump Party is based on fact. They oppose every need and wish supported by the majority of 331 million Americans. The Republican Party is non-existent today. They literally don’t give a damn about the vast majority of our nation’s people. Over the last 40+ years, they have sold themselves to our nation’s billionaires, (788), and millionaires, (22.3 million). They created today’s plutocracy, and why our nation is in danger of extinction.

Trump is a tool of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and many of our nation’s billionaires who have close ties and financial interests aligned with Putin’s astronomical wealth. He is secretly the wealthiest man in the universe.

Trump envies Putin and has said and done anything which will allow him to become closer to our nation’s greatest enemy. Graham, Cruz, Moscow Mitch, and the majority of what has become the American Fascist Party are loyal to Putin, not to the people of the United States of America. When fascism replaces democracy in America, it will be carrying a cross and waving a flag. (The latter is from one of my favorite bumper stickers.)

Your vote has never been more important. Hypocrites like Graham and the rest of his party must be punished for treason against the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Business Insider: Trump mocks Lindsey Graham, calling him a ‘progressive senator from South Carolina’; by Cheryl Teh


Top and Featured Image Courtesy of ResoluteSupportMedia‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Inset Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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