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How to Save America




You have likely read multiple stories about these two changes in America which would save the future of our nation. This repetition is easily explained. Without these changes, continuing to pretend that our government works today, is pure ignorance. One word describes Washington today: dysfunctional. Therefore, they deserve to be repeated until every voter demands changes that will be effective.

Millions of American voters vote according to two notations on the ballot. Names do not matter, but having an “R” or “D” next to their name is one important factor. The other is “inc.” This indicates that this individual is running for reelection, he or she is an “incumbent.” I believe this is not a badge of honor, in most cases, it is an indication of incompetence and this individual is a professional politician or wants to be.

Term limits will repair our government. Knowing that they only have a couple of terms to accomplish something for the American people will force them to work instead of spending most of their time campaigning for reelection. Deliberation and compromise will return and the “party of no” will only be a bad memory.

On June 24, 2022, it became obvious that term limits must also be placed on Supreme Court Justices. Three of the Six Bad Actors who voted to remove a woman’s right to care for her own mental and physical health were appointed as long ago as 1991. They have constantly proven that the Constitution means nothing to them.

The other three were appointed in 2017, 2018, and 2020. The American people are burdened with the three least qualified justices in history for decades to come. This is a travesty. We should be able to remove them for pure incompetence.


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Although the voting public is overwhelmingly in favor of congressional term limits, all members of the House and Senate who were reelected at least once are opposed. Money and power are the strongest and most addictive drugs known to man. Both houses of Congress would be required to establish term limits, and therefore, this will never happen, and our country is doomed to fail.

Of equal and possibly greater importance is the repeal of the Electoral College.

On December 9, 1803, Congress passed the 12th amendment. The right of the American people to choose their president was removed. This was a concession to smaller states and demanded by states which sanctioned slavery. The Electoral College continues to allow states to elect our nation’s leader, and voids the votes of millions of men and women every four years.

Three of our last six elections were controversial. In 2000, the final vote count from Florida remains unknown. The Supreme Court gave Bush a victory, although Al Gore won the popular vote. In 2016, although our leaders in Washington knew that Russia was attempting to guarantee a win for Donald Trump, the voting public was not allowed to know the truth. It is now clear that Trump would not have won the Electoral College without outside assistance.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by three million. In 2020, Trump was crushed by Joe Biden in the popular vote and won the Electoral College. Trump continues to whine, making baseless claims that he won the Electoral College. There could be no disagreement if the popular vote was the only vote which had any importance. President Biden won by eight million votes in the largest turnout in history.

Finally, one of the most beneficial outcomes of eliminating the Electoral College would be the elimination of “red and blue states.” We would once again be the United States of America where every vote would count.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist


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