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Democrats Surrender to GOP and Do Nothing to Prevent Mass Shootings




The Senate announced an agreement on very minor changes in our gun laws. However, they ignored the root cause for hundred of mass shootings in America each year: assault rifles.

Twenty Republicans, along with all 48 Democrats and two Independents, agreed on incentives for states to implement “red flag” laws, and increase funding for school security and mental health services.

Let’s be honest, only one of these changes will have any chance of affecting domestic terrorism in America. Red Flag laws are designed to keep guns away from men and women authorities deem unfit and possibly dangerous to possess guns. There is no federal law, it is passed in various forms by each state.

Let’s be honest, and “the truth lives here,” I will honestly say that once again nothing of significance has been done.

Nearly every American agrees that preventing the sale and possession of assault rifles and requiring comprehensive background checks for all gun sales and purchases will help lessen the deaths of innocent Americans in mass shootings and acts of domestic terrorism. Once again, our government is blowing smoke.

Moscow Mitch McConnell was quick to brag about the 20 Republicans who voted in favor of these changes. However, they mean nothing. They believe that the American people are stupid and we should accept it.

“I continue to hope their discussions yield a bipartisan product that makes significant headway on key issues like mental health and school safety, respects the Second Amendment, earns broad support in the Senate and makes a difference for our country,” McConnell said on Sunday.

The facts prove that a repeal of the second amendment is the only way America will rid itself of gun violence and most importantly domestic terrorism. Recently retired Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer stated that he would have voted to repeal the poorly worded second amendment. In 1991, former conservative Chief Justice, Warren Burger, admitted that if he had been a participant in the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he would never have voted in favor of the second amendment as it was written.


Courtesy of Cat Branchman (Flickr CC0)

One undeniable fact basically says it all. No other developed nation in the world has a serious gun problem with the exception of America. Those who had any problems, including New Zealand and Australia, took immediate action to end the deaths of innocents. The American government continues to do nothing.

I continue to repeat myself, but until there are major changes in Washington America is doomed. Our government is the most corrupt and worthless in the free world. They do nothing but stuffing their pockets with taxpayer money and money from lobbyists. They no longer serve any purpose.

Every time I go to the polls, I vote for the lesser of two evils in most situations. Seldom do I cast my ballot for a woman or man who excites me. I despise incumbents who are seeking a third, fourth, or on occasion a seventh term. I have no reason to vote for anyone over the age of 60 when our nation’s average age is 38.2 years of age. Our country is dominated by women, 51-49 percent, but they are far outnumbered in our nation’s capital. Only the wealthy have access to the best healthcare, and the same has become true for America’s best minds who once dreamed of going to college.

The United States is a backward nation. It only took our government four years to end the advancements made over the last 70 years.

Hate crimes against Blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans, women, anyone who appears to be Muslim, and the LGBTQ community continue to grow. The number of mass shootings exceeds the number of days on the calendar. Our government continues to do nothing. Why do we pay them?

I trust no one in power. They lie 99 percent of the time and claim that their crimes are “matters of national security.” They cannot claim that ignoring the demands of millions of Americans to make our nation safer cannot be accomplished because of “national security.” We, the people, are the nation.

The NRA gun lobby wins again.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Marrissa Kay

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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Ryo Chijiiwa’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Cat Branchman’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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