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Democrats Must Not Lose the 2022 Midterm Elections




The 2020 election was just the beginning. The damage caused by Donald Trump and his fascist administration over four years cannot be undone in a single year. Some of the orange buffoon’s actions may require decades to repair. If the Democrats lose the 2022 midterm elections and Republicans regain control of the House and Senate to the Trump Party, it would be disastrous.

It is typical for the party in power to lose seats in both houses of Congress in a midterm election. But that cannot happen next year. It is difficult to imagine Trump lackey Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House. Even worse, the nation cannot survive if old man Moscow Mitch McConnell became the Senate Majority Leader again. He is too old to tie his own shoes, not to mention his inability to serve this young nation. Moreover, his loyalty belongs to Russian oligarchs who continue to fund his campaigns.

We must not look ahead to the general election in 2024. The 14th amendment, poor health, and a lack of support from virtually every demographic will prevent Trump from running in three years. Instead, the focus as real Americans must be next year, the midterm election.


Courtesy of Ted Eytan (Flickr CC0)

Republican voters are at a loss. There are only a handful of GOP members remaining. The majority are loyal to Trump, not to the people of the United States. Right-wing politicians have become the enemy of the working class: the majority of the nation’s people.

GOP politicians are making plans to overthrow our government internally if they retake control of Congress. They will remove Democrats from key committees in an effort that is comparable to Germany in the 1930s.

Democrats cannot allow the Trump Party to control our nation’s future. The country is just beginning its recovery from Trump’s failure to move the economy forward, reestablish the United States’ place in the free world, and end the disastrous effects of COVID-19.

The American people must not lose trust in the election process. Unfortunately, lies from the right have continued in a pitiful attempt to protect the whiny orange man who was crushed in the 2020 election. Trumpenstein still refuses to admit defeat, although every court in the land has rejected his claims of voter fraud. There is absolutely no proof other than a rare incident when an individual, Trump supporter, or real American, attempted to vote twice and were rejected.

If the American people continue to learn everything they know from television’s fake journalists, the end of democracy will become a reality. As a nation, people must become an informed electorate.

Fact: President Joe Biden has accomplished more for all Americans in his first year than the last two Republicans did in 12 years. Two issues that President Biden has addressed, which were ignored by George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, and Trump, are infrastructure repair and ending the nation’s longest war in Afghanistan.


Courtesy of Thomas Cizauskas (Flickr CC0)

There was no possible way to win the war that began nearly 20 years ago. Only the nation’s military leaders would have stayed for another 20 years. Sadly, the withdrawal was a “hot mess.” But this resulted from an agreement made between Trump and the Taliban, offering them a timetable for ending the conflict.

Between 2017 and 2021, the Trump administration moved the country in a backward direction. Republicans have proven they are incapable of governing the United States of America. Democrats cannot give this group of seditionists and mentally deficient men and women power over the nation’s future again.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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