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Attorney General Sets Crucial Precedent to Protect America From Fascism



Attorney General

Attorney General Merrick Garland and his team publically stepped up their investigation of former Donald Trump’s questionable activities during his tumultuous presidency. The DOJ’s inquiries into presidential behavior may seem intrusive, but these precedent-setting moves are crucial in light of Trump’s fascist attacks against American democracy.

When questioned on July 21, 2022, about his investigations into Trump, the election lies, and the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol, the Attorney General responded:

No person is above the law in this country. There is nothing in the principles of prosecution [or] any other factors [that] prevent us from investigating anyone who’s criminally responsible.

US Attorney General v Donald Trump

Former President Trump began strategically dismantling America’s political structure years before his election. During his campaign and presidency, he repeatedly called himself a “stable genius” in defense of his so-called intellect. But that is not where his stable genius resides: It is in his ability to manipulate people to his way of thinking.

Examples include empowering antigovernment groups, white supremacists, militia, and other far-right extremists to “act as his unofficial military.” Trump passive-aggressively called them to protect his legacy using racist and xenophobic rhetoric. As a result, Americans were subjected to near-daily acts of violence that the former president promoted, encouraged, and praised. He further inspired brainwashed masses with his delight when peaceful protests turned violent.

“Trump refused to explicitly condemn white supremacist groups during the first 2020 presidential debate” against Joe Biden. Instead of telling “his people” to stand down, he said: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by! But I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left,” reported Business Insider. He may have said Proud Boys, but all of Trump’s army heard the declaration, a fact the United States Attorney General understands.

Attorney General

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

Extreme antigovernment groups are prevalent in the United States. The Intelligence Project identified 488 active groups in 2021, which reflects a minimal decrease of those involved in 2020, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Their survey broke down the types of current hard-right anti-democratic organizations: There are 92 militias, 75 sovereign citizen groups, three constitutional sheriff factions, and 52 conspiracy propagandist groups.

These are Trump’s people who support the “Big Lie.” Their conspiratorial and permanently dubious view of the government continues to show up in State Houses, the United States Congress, and imagery. They fly Gadsen Flags; its “Don’t Tread on Me” design warns others of vigilance and willingness to defend against coercion. Other visuals include the Three Percenter logo, body armor, various Trump-supporting flags, and semi-automatic weapons. None of this escaped the Attorney General’s attention.

AG Garland Aggravates Republicans

Attorney General

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr Cc0)

Fox News, former Vice President Mike Pence, and Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) were among the thousands of voices joining Trump’s declaration the execution of a search warrant by the FBI on Monday, August 8, 2022, was inexcusable and unprecedented.

Pence echoed the complaints of the former president’s supporters’ Twitter posts, according to CNBC. Supporters claim that Trump and his allies are unjustly targeted by the Department of Justice and President Biden’s appointed Attorney General Garland.

“No former President of the United States has ever been subject to a raid of their personal residence in American history,” proclaimed Pence.

The Kentucky Senator tried to turn the focus toward Garland. Paul argued that the Attorney General is guilty of misuse of power that could lead to impeachment after an investigation once the Senate regains control of Congress in the fall.

“There’s going to have to be a look at whether or not the attorney general has misused his office for political purposes. Have they gone after a political opponent? I mean, this is beyond the pale. No one would have ever imagined before that…one political party would be using the FBI to attack their political opponents,” according to Fox News.

To date, no other former president publically committed crimes against Americans to the extent that Trump did.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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