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US Presidential Election Results Stall as States Continue Counting Votes




The outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election is yet to be determined. As of November 4, at 5:o4 p.m. EST, 98 Electoral Votes remain unallocated as some states are still tallying ballots — Joe Biden 253 and Donald Trump 214.

Election officials are busy tabulating the mail-in ballots in battleground states where the race is too early or too close to call:

  • Alaska has three electoral votes. Currently, only 36 percent of the state’s ballots have been counted and Trump holds a large lead over Biden — 61.4 to 34.7.
  • Nevada currently has 86 percent of its ballots counted. The winner will add 6 electoral votes to their tally. Biden and Trump are almost tied — 49.3 and 48.7. Election officials indicated earlier today that the count would resume tomorrow, November 5.
  • Arizona has 11 electoral votes. Eighty-six percent of the ballots are tallied, with Biden in the lead over Trump — 51 and 47.6.
  • North Carolina has counted 95 percent of its ballots tallied but has not awarded its 16 electoral votes. Currently, Trump holds 50.5 percent and Biden has 48.3 percent.
  • Georgia currently has 96 percent of the expected ballots counted and have not allotted its 16 electoral votes to either candidate. Trump is in the lead with 50.1 percent and Biden holds 47.8 percent.
  • Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes to award. With 84 percent of the votes counted, Trump holds a narrow lead over Biden — 51.9 and 46.8. Election officials will continue counting ballots arriving through November 6 if they were postmarked on or before November 3.

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Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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