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History and Meaning of Popular Flags



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Flags were used on battlefields to show identification and hierarchy. Over time, they have evolved and incorporated symbols that are significant to the countries they represent.

The United Kingdom

The flag of the United Kingdom is called the Union Flag officially, but it is popularly known as the Union Jack. This is the name given to the same flag when flown at sea.

The Union Jack is one of the oldest flags in the world and it is a combination of three different flags with symbols of the patron saints of three countries: England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. St. George’s cross on the white background represents England and Wales. The white-colored St. Andrew’s cross on the blue background represents Scotland, and St. Patrick’s cross and the red diagonal cross on the white background represents Northern Ireland.

The British flag was adopted on Jan. 1, 1801.


The flag of Nigeria is comprised of three equal-sized vertical stripes. The green represents lush vegetation and the agricultural industry of Nigeria. The white signifies the desire for peace among the people of Nigeria.

The Nigerian flag was adopted on Oct. 1, 1960.

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