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A Nation Moving in the Wrong Direction




From 1619 until 1863, Americans owned slaves. In 1865 the Ku Klux Klan was formed, creating the nation’s first Nazi organization whose intent was to exterminate all Black men, women, and children. Lynchings became commonplace and celebrated by residents in Southern states.

Women remain in a fight for equality today. The right to vote for adult female citizens was not granted until 1920. The nation remains engaged in other battles today.

From the latter years of the 19th century through the early years of the 20th century, Native Americans faced rampant discrimination. This resulted in short life expectancy, disease, malnutrition, a diminishing land base, and a poorly developed and unrealistic school system.

Banning Books Around the US


Courtesy of Travis Warren (Flickr CC0)

In the 1950s, fascist Joseph McCarthy called for banning books he believed to be “too controversial.” This resulted in the burning of books at public venues. In June 1950, the nation’s forces were sent to South Korea, although there was no danger to the country or the American people.

In 1966, President Lydon B. Johnson began sending thousands of troops to South Vietnam, which started in 1955. To this day, no one can explain why the United States was involved in a war halfway around the world.

George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. The original plan was to capture or kill the architect of 9/11 — Osama bin Laden. Instead, the U.S. Military remained there until August of 2021.

In 2003, under the administration of Bush, America’s military invaded Iraq under false pretenses. Then, in 2016, a man — who many believed hated America — and had close ties with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was given the reigns to the U.S. by winning the Electoral College, with help from his mentor.

A Nation of Uncertainty

Why recount some of the issues in the nation’s dark past? Some of them are happening again today. They began with the nomination of Donald Trump in 2016. We are a nation moving in the wrong direction.

The U.S. military is on the verge of becoming involved in another unwinnable war halfway around the world, although it would not affect the nation’s future.

One entire party is eager to replace democracy with a fascist regime, shredding the Constitution.

Right-wing politicians have succeeded in having hundreds of books banned from our libraries and schools. Their baseless claim is that “they contain pornography,” when, in truth, they expose issues such as pervasive racism, the existence of the LGBTQ community and resulting homophobia, the opposition to women’s rights, and the evils of a fascist regime.

A Nation That Lags

The United States has always lagged behind other developed nations in social issues and economic equality. However, the current “Republican Party” and its leader, Donald “the Traitor” Trump, made great efforts to move our nation backward. As it did in 1930s Germany, it began with the censorship of what we read. There is little doubt that the burning of books in public starts once again and very soon.

Information based on facts and the truth is the greatest danger to corrupt politicians, and Washington is filled with nothing but men and women who are unfit to serve the American people.

Vote in 2022 and 2024, but “vote for yourself and those you love,” not for a treasonous party who were once members of the Grand Old Party. Display intelligence and be an Independent voter.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Times Free Press: Why one phrase in ‘Maus’ offends Christians and was cited for banning the book in McMinn County; by Wyatt Massey
Insider: Ted Cruz says teachers are bringing ‘explicit pornography’ to class as Texas leads the way in book wars

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Phil Roeder’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Travis Warren’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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