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‘SNL’ Halloween Pre-Election Theme Reminds Viewers to Vote [Video]





The Halloween themed pre-election “Saturday Night Live” sketches spoofed classic horror stories. Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris deliver laughs while they remind viewers to vote. At the beginning of the “Cold Open,” Carrey began:

Greetings America. It’s a scary time, filled with demons and darkness. Also, it’s Halloween. For some Trump voters it’s the only day they’ll wear a mask.

SNLHe reminded viewers he was ahead in the polls, but they could be wrong “once in a Blue Moon.” Then he glanced over his shoulder to see the Halloween Blue Moon outside the window — a subtle reminder of what trusting the polls did in 2016. To bring the point home, Kate McKinnon, reprising her role as Hillary Clinton, enters the scene.

Carrey’s lines about President Trump seemed to be speaking directly at the viewer instead of performing for them. If viewers did not already suspect, the “Cold Open” topic appears to announce that the “SNL” writers and cast endorse Biden.

Carrey and Rudolph close out the sketch reminding viewers to vote; they crossed their fingers and intertwined their arms, saying, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

John Mulaney Hosts “SNL”

John Mulaney claimed he had hosted “SNL” four times, making him the most frequent host ever. That is partially true since his appearances on April 14, 2018; March 2, 2019; Feb. 29, 2020; and last night make him the fourth writer to host who has never been a cast member — the others are Conan O’Brien, Louis C.K., and Larry David.

Actually, Alec Baldwin is the record holder as an “SNL” host, followed by Steve Martin — 17 and 15 times, respectively.

Nonetheless, Mulaney’s monologue celebrated “SNL” being live once again after the pandemic hiatus. He thanked New Yorkers for wearing masks but said he missed hearing other’s conversations because “that is one of the city’s greatest joys.” He recalled a pre-COVID encounter hearing a man talking on his cell phone, claiming to be somewhere else than his current location. As he passed Mulaney, he winked.

SNLHe thanked the first responders in the “SNL” audience and the city, then added he thought comedians, like himself, as the last responders.

One portion of the “SNL” “Weekend Update” segment paid tribute to “The Mandalorian” Season 2, which premiered on Friday, October 30, on Disney+. The Child, aka Baby Yoda, joined Anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che. Mulaney reprised his role as a Baby Yoda. He was barely recognizable and totally hilarious as he talked about his feud with Baby Groot and a new venture he was involved with — selling marijuana.

During a commercial break, NBC announced: “The 2020 SNL Election Special” would air on  November 2, 2020.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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