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As the Democratic Party continues to lean to the left, it seems to have been caught between the “demands of an aggressively woke left flank and the more socially conservative, more religious black community.”

To win power in 2020, the Democrats need 85 percent of the black vote. This problem has lethal political consequences.

Donald Trump was only able to garner eight percent of the black votes in 2016, however, he seems to be gaining in the recent race.

In 2019, a Rasmussen poll showed Trump’s approval rating among black Americans at 36 percent. It was initially dismissed, but other polls have confirmed that upward trajectory.

Trump enjoys talking about the things he has done for the black community: a record-low unemployment rate among African-Americans, “opportunity zones” bringing investment to poor cities, criminal justice reform, and his stance on illegal immigration.

Black American is moving toward the Republican Party from the Democratic Party which seems to be taking their votes for granted. This is most visible in the rise of cultural leaders, such as Candace Owens.

Owens founded Blexit. Blexit is the exit of black Americans from the Democratic Party.


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