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Domestic Terrorism Invades Oregon Actively Recruits New Members [Video]




Portland and surrounding municipalities have been inundated by domestic terrorism, which has steadily increased since former President Donald Trump won the election in 2016. As a result, scuffles devolve into riots between the Proud Boys and other groups often referred to as Antifa have become commonplace. On June 18, 2021, the alt-right extremists disrupted a peaceful event in Oregon City, Oregon.

The event began with opposing groups gathering the alt. right Proud Boys and a left-wing Fascist Free 503 with clashing ideologies. PDX Proud Boys bully anyone who opposes them — they led the domestic terrorism at the insurrection on United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2020.

Google search reveals Fascist Free 503 intends to take a united stand against the fascist Trump cult insurgency. They announced they would be meeting at the nearby Clackamas Community College terrorismcampus on South Beavercreek Road. Their location was strategically adjacent to the opposition’s flag wave.

Over 250 people, some clad in the Proud Boys trademark black-and-yellow colors, stood side-by-side waving flags along the grassy hill of Highway 213. Some of them had long guns strapped to their chests and wore body armor.

The weekly event draws pro-Trump crowds, and their collection of so-called Patriot flags emblazoned with Trump for 2024, iconic Revolutionary War slogan Don’t Tread on Me, Betsy Ross’s Stars and Stripes representing the 13 colonies, Make America Great Again, American Flag hybrids, and the Stars and Stripes of United States flag.

Fascist Free 503 uses the same domestic terrorism tactics it supposedly disavows. According to a social media flyer, the reason for their demonstration is:

Oregon City is allowing fascists to continue and grow their weekly flag wave, if we don’t put a stop to it they will command more control.

Zane Sparling, a journalist with the Portland Tribune, told KOIN News the confrontation between the two groups was similar to the 2019 clashes in downtown Portland. However, Sparling said the altercation in the Oregon City’s Clackamette Park in broad daylight was different:

What I saw today was Civil War 2.0. This was open warfare between left-wing antifa and the right wing Proud Boys. They were openly skirmishing. Flag poles turned into batons, the popping of paintball guns all around me and a huge cloud of chemical spray just engulfed this park. It was a very violent and chaotic scene…giant midieval style clashes between the two groups.

Downtown Portland, Multnomah County, has been the site of non-stop protests for nearly 10 months, many of which devolved into riots. But, much like most paramilitary organizations, Proud Boys were Terrorismemboldened under Donald Trump’s presidency — its membership blossomed.

A Twitter thread talks about Proud Boys actively recruiting other men who subscribe to their style of domestic terrorism. They use flyers, business cards, and social media to invite like-minded men to join.

Even though the Proud Boys is not officially labeled a domestic terrorism threat, it is one of the fastest-growing hate crime organizations listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Proud Boys co-founder Gavin McInnes does not accept the designation as an alt-right hate organization. Instead, he says the men’s only club operates under “an ‘anti-political correctness’ and ‘anti-white guilt’ agenda.”

The Proud Boys is considered an extremist organization by the FBI. In contrast, Canada has added them to its terrorist watch list.

On June 15, three days before the medieval-style clash in Clackamas County, Biden’s national security team released the country’s first National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. The goal is to address this challenge to America’s national security and improve the government’s response.

An unclassified report from intelligence and law enforcement communities assessed the two most malignant components of the recent domestic terrorism threat are:

  1. Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race.
  2. Anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia and paramilitary agitators.

National Security officials’ plan is organized around four key elements: No. 1, understand and share domestic terrorism-related information; No 2, prevent domestic terrorism recruitment and mobilization; No. 3, disrupt and deter domestic terrorism activity; and No. 4, confront long-term contributors to domestic terrorism.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Cathy Milne-Ware is a seasoned writer and editor. Her background: Journalism for online and print newspapers, new website content from the about page to blog posts, newsletters, book reviews, and social media content. She enjoys writing Health, Entertainment, and Political news stories.

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