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CBD Oil Does Have an Expiration Date, Here Is How Tell




Cannabidiol (CBD) is just like every product out there in that it has a specific shelf life. It has an expiration date of roughly one to two years. Many people do not know how to tell if a container of CBD oil has expired.

Hopefully, this article will help clear up some confusion people may have. The oil’s shelf life depends on a couple of different factors. Having an understanding of these factors can help assist a person when choosing a product.

It can also help people stretch their products’ shelf life. This will give consumers more bang for their buck.

Things That Affects CBD Oil Expiration Date

CBDThe quality of the product is a major one. The higher the quality the product has, the longer it will last. Growing conditions and the plants’ characteristics can essentially affect the product’s quality.

Another factor a person has to consider is the other CBD oil ingredients. Flavoring in the oil has its own shelf life. When added to the CBD oil, it alters the product’s expiration date. The fewer amount of ingredients added, the better the quality is.

How the oil was extracted is another factor people have to think about. The gold standard in the extraction process is the carbon dioxide method. This method maximizes the CBD level, which is extremely beneficial for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oils.

The oils are kept in those amber-colored bottles to prolong the product’s shelf life. Research shows that the product lasts longer in dark-colored, airtight glass containers. Keeping the product in the correct container helps protect it from sunlight and air exposure.

Ways to Tell If the Product Has Gone Bad

The expiration date should be written on the product’s label. This should give consumers a general idea if the product is past its prime. Of course, an expiration date is not an exact science. Many things can happen. For example, the label could fall off the bottle, or the print is so tiny that a person can not exactly tell.

This is where these indicators come in handy. If the CBD oil has a harsh skunky smell, it means the product has gone past its prime. Fresh oil has a pleasant earthy smell to it.

If the product is murky and thick, it has passed its expiration date. Now, this is not to be confused with a cloudy look. This can happen if the product has been sitting in a refrigerator or cold room. This can change the product’s natural viscosity and color. Merely putting the product in a warmer room or bringing it to room temperature will return the CBD oil to normal.

If the CBD oil tastes nasty and rancid, it has degenerated past the point of consumption. Usually, CBD oil tastes “grassy,” “nutty,” or “earthy.” Unless, of course, the product has been flavored.

Will Taking Expired Oil Make a Person Sick?

More than likely, taking CBD oil will not make a person sick. In fact, it probably will not do anything at all to the consumer. Cannabinoids begin to degrade and lose their potency over time. So if a person takes expired oil, they will not receive the product’s full therapeutic properties.

This oil is sensitive to changes in temperature, oxygen, and light. This makes storing the product properly extremely important to preserving its potency and freshness.

One way to do this is to store it the same way one would store other oils, for example, olive, vegetable, and coconut oils.

Ensuring the product is in the proper container and away from excessive heat, light, and air. Dark-colored glass reduces the possibility of light exposure. It also helps ensure the product stays at the proper temperature.

Keeping a tight lid on the containers helps keep out air and other potential contaminants. These things can speed up the expiration date.

Tips To Ensuring the Quality of CBD Oils

Along with using the proper container, there are a few other ways to ensure the product lasts longer. If a person keeps the CBD oil in its original packaging ensures the product has not been exposed to unnecessary air.

Keeping the product at room temperature — 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit — also prolongs the product’s life, just like keeping it in a dark place — for example,  the closet, pantry, or cupboard.

It is definitely a good idea to keep the CBD oil away from excessive heat or cold sources. For example, stoves, air conditioners, windows, and radiators.

Using a clean spoon or dropper every time a person takes a dose helps keep out contaminants in the bottle. After taking a dose, a person should always ensure the bottle has been tightly closed. Thus ensuring excess air does not get into the CBD oil.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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