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2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee Is Joe Biden




On Aug. 18, 2020, the delegates were counted and Joe Biden was declared the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee. His running mate, Kamala Harris will accept the Vice Presidential nomination on Aug. 19.  Biden is expected to give his acceptance speech the following night.

With the pandemic still raging DNC convention organizers had to envision an alternative way to present their soon-to-be candidate. They were forced to toss out plans for a traditional event similar to those that began airing presidential election conventions in 1952.

Their vision culminated in the creation of an online conference. When the time came for the roll call, the DNC took viewers on a virtual journey, allowing them to experience the rich and unique landscape in the United States. Using Zoom viewers were invited to visit each location. They heard a tidbit about the state and its people before each revealed their delegates’ choices.

Biden received 3,558 delegate pledges and Bernie Sanders took away 1,151.

Not one CCN commentator’s eyes were dry when cameras cut away from the convention. They spent a great deal of time discussing the event themselves. Jake Tapper summed up Biden’s campaign in one word — “normalcy.”

The Washington Post writer, Dan Balz, offered his analysis of the second of the convention. He recalled Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s pledge to have an administration that reflects the Democratic party’s diversity.

[Biden] has promised…to put together a government that reflects the country’s diversity.

Former President James Carter endorses the Biden-Harris Ticket:

“I also know that Joe Biden has the experience we need to rebuild our country and bring America’s leadership back to the world stage. He’s seen firsthand the challenges of the presidency, and he’ll be ready to lead on day one.”

Biden Looks Presidential

After Sanders dropped out of the race, Biden began acting like he was already the nominee. At first, quietly but in the past several weeks, he began behaving as though he was already the Democratic nominee.

Biden tweeted several times a day offering reassurance. One tweet let American know that when he is president he will not be an embarrassment on Twitter. He added this post on August 3 countering Trump’s Twitter tirade against Nancy Pelosi:

It’s hard to believe this has to be said, but if I’m elected president, I’ll spend my Monday mornings working with our nation’s top experts to control this virus — not insulting them on Twitter.

He promises his constituents he will beat Trump on November 3. Biden wants to become the President of the United States, he will do everything in his power to remove Donald Trump and his antics from the White House.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Joe Biden for President

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of IowaPolitics’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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