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Swadeep Nigam Candidate for District 3 Regent Will Abuse His Power




The candidate for District 3 Regent, Swadeep Nigam, has a history of extortion. He uses his blog to post negative information against those who dare to refuse to pay him.

Nigam has a history of harassing the South Asian community in Las Vegas, Nevada. He takes advantage of the language barrier between the Indian and South Asian communities.

He abuses his fabricated power to destroy lives, families, businesses, and the South Asian community’s reputation.  Since 2104, numerous claims against him have surfaced on the Ripoff Report.

If elected, his Nigam’s fake power will become real. He will continue the practice of defaming the constituents in District 3.

Nevada does not need a Regent that would abuse his power even more once he is officially elected. Nigam is a clear threat to the South Asian community. He is an embarrassment.

Byron Brooks
Chief Operating Officer Lduna Aesthetics
10521 Jeffreys Street Ste 220, Henderson, Nevada 89052
Mail: [email protected] Office: 702-710-1977

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