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Trump Rallies Return



President Donald Trump was disappointed by the turnout at his Oklahoma rally on Saturday, June 20, 2020, according to CNN.

Trump is hopeful about returning to the campaign trail, however, those hopes are fading as reports of eight staffers and two Secret Service agents at the event have tested positive for COVID-19.

The test results confirm that Trump made a risky decision by holding the Oklahoma rally inside. Doctors fear that the indoor rally became a “super-spreader infectious event.”

On Monday, June 22, Trump gave new life to a controversy he caused by telling his staff to slow testing for COVID-19 to avoid learning about new cases. Trump described his comment as “semi-tongue in cheek.”

The campaign team is considering smaller venues for the president’s events or outdoor locations where supporters may feel more comfortable.

It is no secret that Trump has a tight hold on Republican voters, but he trails Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the polls.

The Oklahoma event on Saturday night was supposed to send the message that the worst of the pandemic was over and America is on the comeback trail.

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