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Murder Hornets in the U.S.



Murder hornets

Scientists have discovered two new specimens of the Asian giant hornet (murder hornet) located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Researchers were hoping the invasive species would not make it through the winter season, however, despite all odds they survived.

They are the world’s largest hornet ever documented. These invasive creatures will rip the heads off of the honeybees they have invaded. Usually, Murder hornets only invade colonies that are dying out or have some sort of infection.

Near the end of fall in 2019, a nest of Murder hornets was discovered on Vancouver Island, Canada. Soon afterward, a nest was located in Washington state. Researchers are working hard at eradicating them from the U.S. They are also working on pinpointing how the Murder hornets managed to travel from Asia to Canada and the U.S.

Currently, there have been no reports recorded of Murder hornets being outside of Washington State. Generally, Murder hornets are not aggressive, they only attack if provoked. Due to their sizes, their stings are extremely painful.

They have large, orange-yellow heads, with long, tear-shaped, and black eyes. Their mandibles are huge, and they have black and orange stripes. If a nest is discovered contact local pest control for removal.

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