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Marlboro Manufacturer to Quit Selling Cigarettes in the UK




Philip Morris International, the manufacturer of Marlboro™ announced that within the net 10 years, they would no longer promote their merchandise in the United Kingdom, according to NPR on July 27, 2021. CEO Jacek Olczak said Marlboro brand products would disappear from shelves for good, recommending customers to stop smoking completely.

Marlboro When Olczak became the Philip Morris CEO in May, he stated that he wanted to redirect the company from smoke to smokeless product line.

He also stated that he hopes that more than half of the company’s revenue comes from smokeless tobacco products by 2025.

In the U.K., the government had announced that they plan on making England entirely smokeless by the year 2030. If the country’s smokers drop below five percent, then the U.K. will be considered smokeless.

For many years, the pushback against cigarettes has been connected to critical health issues — the WHO claimed that tobacco was one of the most significant hazards the globe has ever faced. Smoking kills around eight million people yearly. Of those, seven million were directly caused by tobacco use, and the other million died due to second-hand smoke.

Written by Ramses Sanchez Cantu
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


NPR: Marlboro Maker CEO Says The Company Plans To Stop Selling Smoke In The U.K.

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