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Burglars Remove ATMs From Chicago Businesses




The Chicago Police Department sent out an alert for Chicago businesses on Feb. 4, 2021. An individual or group of Black males are smashing windows and removing the ATMs from the locations.

Burglary related occurrences in the Chicago Lawn (8th District) have increased. In January, similar burglaries took place in Districts 12, 18, and 19 — burglars targeted cash registers in addition to the aforementioned ATMs.

burglarsIn the early hours of the morning, on February 4, local businesses were hit. The burglar(s) made off with an ATM from each location.

Each incident occurred in the early hours of the day and the general location as those listed below:

  • 6000 block of South Western at approximately 2:06 a.m. CT.
  • 2200 block of West 87th Street at about 2:16 a.m. CT.

The burglars’ description indicates there were 5-8 Black men who are 21-25 years old.

To make the business less appealing to burglars, the Chicago Police Departments provides the following recommendations:

  • Keep the property perimeter well-lit.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are secured.
  • Repair any broken windows, doors, or locks immediately.
  • If video surveillance is available, save a copy of the incident for detectives.
  • If approached by a witness, request their contact information.
  • If burglars hit your business, do not touch anything. Immediately call the police department at the number below.

Please contact the Bureau of Detectives — Area One.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


CPD: Business Alert; Commerical Burglary (Feb. 4, 2021)
CPD: Business Alert; Commerical Burglary (Jan. 26, 2021)

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Frank Hebbert’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Kjetil Ree’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Cathy Milne-Ware is a seasoned writer and editor. Her background: Journalism for online and print newspapers, new website content from the about page to blog posts, newsletters, book reviews, and social media content. She enjoys writing Health, Entertainment, and Political news stories.

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