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Negative Ions

Add the Benefits of Negative Ions With Real Water



Real Water

Many people have heard about the studies on negative ions and alkaline water. What if there was a way to add the benefits of both to any non-carbonated beverage. With Real Water concentrate, this can be possible. Using this product will “unleash the power of negative ions” while it alkalizes the body.

When it comes to bottling up their product this company uses BPA-free and eco-friendly Recycled plastic. This product is a convenient way to hydrate the body “like never before!”

Real WaterHow can this company produce such a product? They developed a special technology called Electron Energized (E2) to assist them in being able to do this. Their process allows them to add negative electrons to the water — or non-carbonated drink — with electrical restructuring.

Other products that are supposed to add negative ions to one’s water lose their ionization rather quickly — in a matter of just a couple of days. Real Water technology allows its product to last six to nine months. Truly making this a convenient product.

This product has been tested by an outside facility for its stable negative ions. The facility found proved that the Real Water company has proven what it says it can do. According to Real Water, to their “knowledge, there is no other bottled water on the market today that can duplicate this.”

They offer their product in a couple of different ways. The first way is through bottled water. This allows the consumer to grab a bottle and jet out the door. The second way that a person can add this product to their beverages is through the concentrates.

This way allows the consumer to add a few drops to any non-carbonated beverage of their choosing. The concentrates come in a small colored bottle which makes transporting it around extremely easy. Yes, this includes coffee, tea, or even wine. With so many ways to include this product into a person’s life why not give it a try.

Written by Sheena Robertson


Drink Real Water:  REAL SCIENCE

Featured Image Courtesy of Max Braun’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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