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Rev. Jesse Jackson Hospitalized After Testing Positive for COVID-19




Doctors are monitoring Reverend and Mrs. Jesse Jackson’s health after the couple tested positive for COVID-19. The 79-year-old reverend has Parkinson’s Disease. He and his wife, Jacqueline, 77, are hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, according to NBC News, on Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021.

Even though the couple is fully vaccinated, they were hospitalized “mainly for observation, no issues at this time,” according to a family friend on Sunday, reports CBS Chicago. Moreover, The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition (RPC) urges all who have had close contact with Rev. or Mrs. Jackson in the past week should follow CDC quarantine and testing guidelines.

Rev. Jackson got his first vaccination against the virus on January 8. At the time, he and health officials hoped he would be an inspiration to all those who were vaccine-hesitant, in particular, the elderly.

JacksonDespite the high level of vaccine efficacy, fully vaccinated individuals can develop symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 infections.

Due to the virulent Delta variant, these breakthrough infections are especially prevalent. If a person does contract the virus and exhibits symptoms, the likelihood of illness requiring hospitalization is unlikely.

Parkinson’s has not kept Rev. Jackson from attending civil rights rallies. He, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, and more than 30 others were arrested during a sit-in protest outside of the Pheonix office of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

The group was cited and released. Jackson said he had been arrested for his act of civil disobedience.

Posts on Twitter are abundant, with the majority offering best wishes for the Jacksons’ speedy recovery. Rev. Al Sharpton was joined by other faith leaders who offered prayers for the couple.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) said the reverend “has been one of the great leaders of our time in the fight for racial, social and economic justice. Jane and I and all Americans wish them a full and speedy recovery.”

The FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. As a result, the CDC recommends that everyone ages 12 and up is vaccinated against the virus.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Lorie Shaull’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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